Resources & Reserves

Diamond Resource and Reserve update for Liqhobong

Diamond Resource statement for Liqhobong Main Pipe as at 30 June 2018 (including Reserves)
Diamond Resource Category Depth from and to Volume in m3 (Millions) Specific Gravity (Tonnes/m3) Metric Tonnes (Millions) Grade (Cpht) Carats (Millions)
Indicated 2 603 masl to
2 467 masl
11.031 2.62 28.910 27 7.793
Inferred 2 467 masl to
2 127 masl
18.135 2.65 48.064 28 13.553
Total Diamond Resource 29.166 2.64 76.974 28 21.346
Diamond Resources as at 30 June 2018, reported inclusive of reserves.
Tonnes are metric tonnes and totals are rounded.
Stated at a bottom cut-off of 1.25mm square apertures.

Diamond Reserve

The Diamond Reserve was updated at the end of the financial year to account for mining that took place during the year.
Therefore, as at 30 June 2018, the total Probable Reserve was 22.613 million tonnes at a grade of 23 cpht containing 5.274 million carats, which is a 15.4% reduction compared to the 2017 Probable Diamond Reserve statement.
In addition to the Probable Diamond Reserve, the 2017 split shell mine plan also assumes mining of a portion of the Inferred Diamond Resource totalling some 5.5 million tonnes and 1.33 million carats. The latest 2017 mine plan contemplates mining of a cut 1 and cut 2 and has the optionality to revert to a longer LOM plan, which includes the original cut 3, within the next two-year period should there be a general improvement in the project economics including average diamond values or exchange rate, or further optimisation which is made possible by adopting steeper slope angles.

Diamond Reserve statement for the Liqhobong Main Pipe as at 30 June 2018
Diamond Reserve Category Depth from and to Metric Tonnes (Millions) Grade (Cpht) Carats (Millions)
Probable 2 603 masl to
2 467 masl
22.613 23 5.274
Total Diamond Reserve 22.613 23 5.274
The above Diamond Reserve is stated at a 1.25mm slotted screen bottom cut-off.
The weighted average diamond price per carat is estimated at US$75/ct.
The plant is currently using a bottom cut-off configuration of 1.25mm slotted screens which necessitates the application of a resource to reserve modifying factor of 0.84 for mine planning purposes.
Tonnes are metric tonnes and totals are rounded.