Health and Safety

Health and Safety


Firestone strives to provide its employees with a safe and healthy workplace. To the end of March 2017, the last quarter reported, it has maintained its zero lost time injury record, with approximately 4 million man hours worked. Towards the end of Liqhobong’s construction project there were 779 people working on the site of which 68% were Basotho nationals and well over 1,000 people were employed at its peak. Firestone appointed DRA Minerals in 2014 as the lead engineering, procurement and construction management contractor to manage all construction activities and sub-contractors and to be responsible for the safety management system on the site. We are very proud to report that the 4,000,000 man-hours milestone worked without a LTI was achieved in early April 2017. This is a phenomenal achievement for a construction project of this magnitude, situated in a very remote location and harsh environment in the Highlands of Lesotho. We believe our safety approach ranks with the best globally and our results speak for themselves.

The safety management system encourages a culture of incident and near-miss reporting, which are categorised according to potential severity and actioned accordingly. All non-LTIs (first aid cases) are investigated and preventative actions put in place as appropriate.

The current focus is to ensure a smooth safety management transition between the construction teams and the operational team.


The health of employees and contractors is of the utmost importance to Firestone. A new fully equipped clinic was opened during the 2016 financial year at the Liqhobong Mine. The new clinic has seven beds, two consulting rooms, a dispensary and two medical supply store rooms. The clinic is permanently manned by a qualified paramedic. The clinic’s monthly statistics are analysed for trends and appropriate action is taken as required.

The clinic has a fully equipped ambulance that can be used to transport patients to the nearest hospital if required. For serious injuries a helicopter casualty evacuation plan is in place.