Notification of fraudulent activity affecting shareholders


We have been made aware that shareholders may have been contacted by someone reporting to be representing a legal firm based in the United States, who claims that a default notice has been applied to Firestone Diamonds plc and that trading in its shares will shortly cease and are offering to provide compensation in this regard. These calls are a scam and shareholders should take no action and should certainly not provide any information if they are contacted. If a shareholder is in doubt about what action they should take, they should consult their stockbroker, bank manager, solicitor or other appropriate independent financial adviser authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (as amended) if they are resident in the United Kingdom or, if not, another appropriately authorised independent financial adviser.

For the avoidance of doubt Firestone Diamonds plc is not subject to any default notice and is in the process of completing the US$185.4 million development of the Liqhobong Diamond Mine in the Kingdom of Lesotho.