Major shareholders

Number of Shares in issue: 523,937,848 ordinary Shares of 1p each in the capital of the Company.
Major shareholdings as notified to the Company.

Major shareholders information
Shareholder Name Number of Shares % Holding
Resource Capital Fund VI L.P. 141,254,410 26.96%
Pacific Road Resources (1) 140,659,098 26.85%
Edwards Family Holdings Ltd 63,472,355 12.31%
Sustainable Capital Ltd 59,128,295 11.47%
Directors’ interests in the share capital of the Company
Director Number of Shares % Holding
Paul Bosma
Lucio Genovese 3,586,316 0.70%
Patrick Meier
Ken Owen
Paul Sobie
Niall Young
Keith Johnson 393,903 0.08%

(1) Includes shares held by both Pacific Road Resources Fund II L.P. (PRC LP) and Pacific Road Resources Fund II (PC Trust)

Date of last update 8 August 2018

Shareholders can access information on their shareholding and amend their details online at