Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Statement

Principles of Corporate Governance

As Chairman of Firestone Diamonds I have given my full commitment to supporting high standards of governance and look to improving and developing our procedures as we grow. By applying sound principles in running the Company we will provide a solid basis for growth and establish trust with all our stakeholders. As an AIM company, Firestone Diamonds is not required to follow the requirements of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code). However, we seek to apply the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) corporate governance guidelines for smaller quoted companies and of the Code wherever possible and as appropriate to the size, nature and resources of the Group. It is also our intention to be as open and transparent about our governance arrangements as possible and use the annual report to give details of changes and improvements we have made during the year.

Lucio Genovese
Non-Executive Chairman

Terms of Reference

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Audit Committee Firestone Terms of Ref Audit Com Fina
Nomination Committee Firestone Terms of Ref Nomination Com Final
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