Corporate Governance

Chairman’s Corporate Governance Statement

Principles of Corporate Governance


This Statement is issued in compliance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules.
As a Board, we have always been fully committed to supporting high standards of governance and recognise that by applying sound principles in running the Company we will provide a solid basis for growth and establish trust with our stakeholders.
Following the London Stock Exchange’s introduction of a new rule requiring all AIM companies to apply a recognised corporate governance code and to provide details of how it has been complied with on its website and in the annual report, the board of directors of Firestone (the Board) has decided to adopt The QCA Corporate Governance Code (the QCA Code). This statement sets out the key details of the Board’s application of the Code.
Firestone is incorporated in England and Wales and its shares are listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM).
I am the non-executive chairman of Firestone and I am responsible for the running of the Board and the overall governance of the group. In this role, I am supported by the Company Secretary.
The current status of the governance structures and practices were set out in our 2017 Annual Report. We have continued to develop those structures and practices during 2018. A link to a table showing how the QCA Code has been applied by the Board can be found below.
The Board and I believe that we substantially comply with the QCA Code in practice and there are no significant areas where the Company’s governance structures and practices differ from the expectations set by the QCA Code. Over the following months we will be updating and adding to our website disclosures to ensure full compliance.

Patrick Meier
Non-Executive Chairman
Firestone Diamonds plc
24 September 2018

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