Major shareholders

Number of Shares in issue: 320,271,086 ordinary Shares of 1p each in the capital of the Company.
Major shareholdings as notified to the Company.

Major shareholders information
Shareholder Name Number of Shares % Holding
Resource Capital Fund VI L.P. 77,083,679 24.07%
Pacific Road Resources (1) 76,488,367 23.88%
Edwards Family Holdings Ltd 31,653,174 9.99%
Sustainable Capital Ltd 26,168,661 8.26%
Directors’ interests in the share capital of the Company
Director Number of Shares % Holding
Lucio Genovese 2,846,944 0.90%
Stuart Brown 507,148 0.16%
Keith Johnson 282,997 0.09%
Paul Sobie
Mike Wittet
Niall Young
Ken Owen
Deborah Thomas

(1) Includes shares held by both Pacific Road Resources Fund II L.P. (PRC LP) and Pacific Road Resources Fund II (PC Trust)

Date of last update 20 October 2017

Shareholders can access information on their shareholding and amend their details online at